packing guide

Ultimate Carry-on Packing Guide for One Week on Grand Turk

Want to get away with just a carry-on? Are you constantly over packing? Here is a guide to everything you need for a week in the tropics.


o   Hat

o   Sunglasses


o   Phone

o   Phone Charger

o   Headphones

o   Camera (optional)


o   Sandals

o   Running shoes


o   2 Tank Tops

o   2 T-shirts- one for sport

o   2 Dresses, one casual one fancier

o   2 Bathing Suits

o   2 Pairs of shorts- one for hiking, one jean

o   1 Pair of pants

o   Light Jacket

o   Umbrella

o   4 Pairs of Socks

o   10 Pairs of Undies (just in case)

o   2 bra- one sport one regular

o   Pajamas


o   Basic Makeup

o   Sunscreen (they sell on this on the island)

o   Mini bottles of Shampoo and Conditioner

o   Any Prescription Medications

This should be plenty of clothing and accessories to get you through a week at Seasongs. We have extra shampoo, conditioner, and soap, but if you are particular bring your own. Everything on the island must be shipped in from the mainland so prices tend to run high.