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Seasongs Updates!

To Seasong's past and future guests:

It seems like a lot longer than the two and a half years since we purchased Seasongs from Alessio and Jackie in November 2014. The early hectic ordering and shipping all the new furnishings has passed. We have settled into a routine with Anita (our property manager extraordinaire) of checking in guests and making sure their needs are met. We are starting to get repeat guests, which I take as a good sign of success. The new construction across the street and next door are essentially complete and West Road is a one-way street, now. Even the fish market is finally up and operational. Hopefully, this is a good sign that the local neighborhood is settling in.

Alessio's hand laid tile mossaics.

Alessio's hand laid tile mossaics.

 Speaking of Alessio, one of the lasting impacts to the cottage are his tile murals. Although I’ve never met them, I have heard many wonderful stories from their friends who are still on Grand Turk ( Jackie and Alessio moved back to Italy in 2013.). In many ways Seasongs embodies the upper tile mural on the wall above the dining table. On one side the gritting face looking at the toil of working life with the climb up the mountain while on the other side a relaxed face is looking at the pleasures of island life.

Reservation Changes

We are now managing the booking sites directly. As of the beginning of April, Karen is no longer managing the reservations. Nothing else has changed. Anita is still the onsite property manager. The ownership remains the same.

Summer and Fall Specials

Summer and Fall are the slow seasons on Grand Turk. The sun seekers from colder climes no longer need to warm up. It gets more than a bit hot by September and many people are simply not thinking about going to a tropical place in the summertime.

Grand Turk is all about world class diving and snorkeling and this is by far the best time of the year to dive. The more northern buoys are usually safe. In the summer, the waves are down. The water is in the mid-80's. Visibility is much better and there is less wind. Our relaxed atmosphere is even more relaxed as there are even fewer visitors. And to top it all off, the lobster season opens in late August!

We simply develop a few coping skills to deal with the heat. We stay in the water or indoors, mostly during the heat of the day (it gets into the 90s regularly in August and September). We go outside and socialize at places like Bohio or Sandbar in the evening. There is the fishing tournament in June and fish fries on Front Street in the evening.  We also got a brand new and more powerful air conditioner! The cottage can be kept very cool.

So, here are the specials:

Stay between August 1 and September 30 - $119 per night.

Stay between October 1 and November 17 - $135 per night.

We listed these specials on Homeaway with a 6-night minimum. 

If there are weather related closures or the threat of closures during your planned stay, we will give you a full refund during these times. Hurricanes and heavy rain are rare but they do happen or the threat of them happens. We had a scare last summer but it had no effect at all on Grand Turk. 

Avoiding the Cruise Center

While cruises are a great, affordable way to see a lot of places, they are a different type of tourist than the guests that stay put longer. Cruise ships are full of entertainment, food, and luxury all day long and they center in Grand Turk is no different.

There are jewelry stores, trinket shops, restaurants, pools and even a faux surf wave! There’s a huge crowd of people when the ship is in and when it pulls out in the afternoon, the cruise center closes. You can see the changes elsewhere on the island too. Segway and ATV tours hum down the street and small pop-up shops open exclusively for the cruise ships as they meander down the main street.

But what if you are looking for a different type of vacation? Grand Turk is a small island, referred to by the locals on Provo as “the country”. So if you spend time away from the cruise center you will experience a laid back attitude. Service is slower, time slows down and people even travel from place to place slower.

When you come to Seasongs, we are guessing that you are taking a break from your fast paced, deadline driven day to day. The hustle and bustle of a massive ship full of tourists pulling in and docking daily might not be your idea of a relaxing time.

But fear not! You can get an authentic island experience and politely avoid ever having to go to the cruise center.

Charter your own island tour:
Take our bikes, rent a golf cart or hire a taxi for the day and explore the island on your own. Check out the lighthouse, visit beaches on both sides of the island and save money with your savvy ways.

There are plenty of places to eat on the island that aren’t at the cruise center. Check out our article on where to eat for suggestions.

Book with locals.
We love Grand Turk Diving! They have both Naui and Padi certified master divers and they are incredibly knowledgeable. Whether you are a multi-day dive expert, or just want to test the waters you are in good hands with them. They have a small boat and I have never dove with more than 4 people. The smaller size mean more attention is on each guest. They will point out wildlife, corral and make sure that you are safe while in the water.

The beaches across the street from Seasongs, in front of Bohio and next to the Sandbar, are all great. Next, to Sandbar has the best just off shore snorkeling. In front of Seasongs is private and great for sunsets but tends to be populated with a ton of urchins. Bohio boasts sandy, shallow waters great for long walks or frolicking little ones.

Getting Around Grand Turk

Getting Around Grand Turk

It takes at least two planes, and perhaps a few car trips to get to Grand Turk Island. When you finally land, feel the warm humid breeze on your skin and let your travel stress start to melt there’s one more thing to consider- travel on the island.

Where to Eat on Grand Turk

Where to Eat on Grand Turk

While the island is small, and does not boast the culinary prowess of Providenciales, Grand Turk is home to some delicious food. The island feels a lot homier than the relative hustle and bustle of Provo and I had a cab driver once describe it as “the country”. The food feels this way too, authentic dishes cooked with love.

Provo From Two Points of View

Provo From Two Points of View

We are so often focused on our place on Grand Turk that we sometimes treat our stops on Providenciales as more of a necessary inconvenience than a destination, itself. To get to the Seasongs Cottage on Grand Turk, all International flights pass through the larger island of Providenciales, aka Provo. It is the most populous island in Turks and Caicos and has a much busier vibe than Grand Turk. It is home to Grace Bay, a 12-mile long beach of world renown, good food, some nightlife, expensive and beautiful resorts. With this comes much higher priced real estate, more tourists and more “mainland problems” like traffic and a slightly less relaxed attitude about life. (But it is still an island!)

9 Tricks for Stress-Free Holiday Travel

9 Tricks for Stress-Free Holiday Travel

If you are traveling over the Holiday Season you are among 100 Million Americans alone! Between the increased crowds, increment weather and general chaos of having to stuff your life in a suitcase and stay with the in-laws it can get stressful. This year try these 9 tricks for stress-free holiday travel to save you time (and anxiety) at the airport.