5 Things You Need to Know About Getting Around In Turks and Caicos


1.       Cash (in USD) is Queen.

The country may be a British territory, but retailers take cold hard US dollars. Most places on the smaller islands are cash only- especially cabs

2.       Cabs are priced By Person

Since most of the islands are fairly small, the prices for transportation are charged to each individual in the car.

3.       You can drive from one island to another!

There is a small causeway from North to Middle Caicos.

4.       Drive on the left side of the road

Because of their British roots, the cars travel on the left.

5.       Not all roads are created equal

The roads are in varying states of drivability depending on the island and last date of repair. They range from paved to potholes and dirt to golf-cart-only (Salt Cay). On the smaller islands, the rental companies will meet you wherever you are staying and some will even allow you to drive yourself to the airport when you’re through… Just leave the keys in the car!