Getting Around Grand Turk

It takes at least two planes, and perhaps a few car trips to get to Grand Turk Island. When you finally land, feel the warm humid breeze on your skin and let your travel stress start to melt there’s one more thing to consider- travel on the island.
If you stay at Seasongs, we will arrange to have a taxi come to meet you at the airport and whisk you away to the front door. After that it is up to you! There are a few options, depending on your personality and travel style you can pick the one that best matches you.

By Foot

You can reach the city center, grocery store, restaurants, the beach and scuba diving boats all by foot from Seasongs cottage.

By Bike

The easiest and least expensive option is to use the two bikes provided at Seasongs. The island is 1.5 miles wide by 6 miles long so it is feasible to spend your whole trip peddling happily around. There are some trips that are more uphill and therefore present more of a challenge- like heading to the lighthouse.

Golf Cart

By far the most fun way to see everything! We can arrange to have the cart meet you at the house. Feel the breeze and cruise around the island effortlessly. If you plan on doing any grocery shopping this is also a great way to transport everything without having to balance it on your bike handles. Just make sure you remember to drive on the left side of the road and not to run out of gas! Carts start at $60 a day so they can get pricey for the budget concerned. You can save some time, money and energy by renting one for a few days to see the lighthouse, and even drive yourself back to the airport. Simply let the rental company know your plans and they will tell you where to leave the keys!\


You can charter a private tour of the island with a taxi company. Or just use them for the airport shuttle and for a trip to the far side of the island. 

Rental Car

Just like gold carts, there are rental cars available on the island and can be dropped off at the cottage. I’d say it’s the least exciting option though and probably overkill because of the size of the island.

Tour Bus

There are several day trips to do around the island- horseback riding on the beach, zip lining at the light house, island guided tours on ATV etc. You can book these through various companies and they provide transportation.

Mix and match! There are a lot of ways to get around the beautiful island, and sometimes the slower the better.