10 Free Things to do on Grand Turk

Whether you are on a tight budget or not, doing amazing things for free feels great. Grand Turk has a lot to offer as far as getaways so to save your money for souvenirs and try these 10 free must-do things to do on Grand Turk!

1.       Snorkel by Sandbar

The Sandbar boasts more than just great drinks and snacks- they have some of the best snorkeling right out front. Wade in and look down!

2.   Go for a long walk by Bohio

The beach by Bohio is pristine and goes on for miles! Get those toes sandy and be ready for endless tropical beauty.

3.    Explore the abandoned resorts on Leeward side

This side of the island faces out to the Atlantic Ocean- with nothing in between it and Africa! This makes it a lot windier and more susceptible to storm damage. Some developers learned this a few years back when their beautiful resorts were battered by storms. It is very peaceful and fun to explore!

4.    Check out the Cruise Center

While this might not be your cup of tea, it is amazing to see the difference the hustle and bustle of the cruise center makes compared to the rest of the island. It’s only open when a ship is docked though!

5.    Feed the Donkeys by the lighthouse

Though there are wild donkeys around the whole island they are used to tours coming through with friendly tourists in this spot. So, grab some bread, your camera and remember to hold food in a flat palm.

6.    Watch the Flamingos in the Salt Pond

Often the flamingos are grazing in the salt ponds at the center of the island. Bring some binoculars to really get your bird watching on.

7.    See the Catch of the Day at the fish market

Every day the fisherman head out in the morning to make their living selling the days catch at the fish market. At sunset, the market is open for business as the boats sail back in for the day full with dinner.

8.    Lounge with the “Pot-cakes” on Pillory Beach

The stray dogs are called pot cakes because people feed them the caked-on leftovers at the bottom of the pot. They are incredibly friendly, loving- and up for adoption!

9.    Take a Self-Guided Bike Tour

Seasons Cottage comes with two rental bikes and with an island only 6 miles by 1.5 miles it is easy to explore from one end to the other.

10.    Search for Seashells at Sunset

Grand Turk boasts both beautiful seashells and colorful sunsets! Though you’ll have to do a catch and release because there is a large marine preserve to protect the varied and wonderful wildlife.