Where to Eat on Grand Turk

While the island is small, and does not boast the culinary prowess of Providenciales, Grand Turk is home to some delicious food. The island feels a lot homier than the relative hustle and bustle of Provo and I had a cab driver once describe it as “the country”. The food feels this way too, authentic dishes cooked with love.

It can be hard enough finding a place to eat but after looking at the best of lists on Google, I must say most of them are double counting the same restaurants or calling things by a different name than the locals. Even Google Maps have the cruise center marked in its correct location at the South End of the island and at a no longer existing dock in Cockburn town. This anonymity and confusion make things a little tougher to sort through so I compiled a list of frequently attended locations. 

Another heads up: espresso, as far as I know, had a short term existence on Grand Turk. They have coffee but most is instant so if you are at all picky be sure to BYOG- bring your own grounds and prepare it the way you like it in the comfort of Seasongs Cottage. 

Most of the dining is also associated with the resorts on the island. Here is a list of our tried and true favorites. All of the mentions are easily walkable from Seasongs.

The Osprey

The Osprey is located across the street from our favorite diving shop and is one of the oldest resorts on the island.

Birdcage Bar

The Birdcage Bar is located both poolside and ocean adjacent providing a tranquil atmosphere to enjoy your rum punch.
Ready for a meal?

The Osprey Beach Hotel and Restaurant offer breakfast, lunch and dinner on the same poolside terrace as the Birdcage. The restaurant has a rotating menu, which keeps things exciting and offers white tablecloth candle lit dining. They serve barbecue twice a week and rotate through lamb, beef and chicken dishes. For more check out their website: Osprey Beach Hotel

The Sandbar

Owned by Toronto-born sister’s, the Sandbar is a local favorite. They serve typical bar food; burgers, fries and island bar favorites including shrimp quesadillas and delicious peas and rice (beans and rice). The bar extends to the edge of the sand, enjoy a drink with bare feet, sandy toes and a gorgeous view. If you need to cool off, beach access with lovely snorkeling is directly adjacent. The Sandbar is open for lunch and dinner Sunday through Friday and hosts Trivia night monthly. If you get a chance to check out trivia do! It gets packed and even the Governor makes an appearance.


A Beautiful beach resort home to fine dining, wine and live music and dancing weekly. They have a beautiful, calm white sand beach out front and are home to Guanahani Restaurant and Ike and Donkey Beach Bar.

The Guanahani

This is the location for the locals anniversary, birthday and “treat yourself” date nights. They serve Sunday Brunch, and lunch and dinner every day. Some menu favorites are Coconut Rum French Toast, Grilled lobster tail and Caprese salad. They boast the most extensive wine collection on the island and the beachside, candle light setting makes the perfect end to a romantic day. 

Ike and Donkey boast delicious cocktails, beachside service and a limited selection from the Guanahani menu.

Saltraker Inn

A Secret Garden

Another local favourite Secret Garden is a quaint restaurant located at the adorable Saltraker Bnb. A nice spot for breakfast and lunch, they have an open patio surrounded by lush, green tropical plants.

Jack’s Shack

Jack’s is a beachfront place just north of the Cruise Center that just spills out onto the sand. He has the typical burgers and beer and fried foods you would expect in such a casual place. Jack is an expat engineer who assisted in the construction of the cruise center and never went back. It is open when the cruise ships are in.


Barbie’s is a very casual small place along Front Street just south of Seasongs. It has mostly outdoor dining and is popular with the locals when the cruise ships are not in and popular with the cruise ship passengers when they are in. It’s adjacent to a lot of the tourist orientated shopping along Front Street. The owner can tell some good stories about her nephew, NBA star Trevor Ariza. Try her jerk chicken.

Grand Turk Inn

The Grand Turk Inn is one of the two white tablecloth” restaurants on the island ( the other being Bohio). It has both indoor dining and a very pleasant patio along Front Street just a short walk south from Seasongs. The ocean sunsets are often spectacular. I go here when I want a nice salad. I also like their fish curry. They have one of the best gift shops on the island in their lobby.

And more…

There are restaurants that are unaffiliated with the hotels too, many of which open up when the cruise ships are in town because of the increased demand. The previous is a list of the places I have eaten at and really enjoyed but that doesn’t mean there aren’t gems waiting to be discovered.

A great resource for other culinary options to explore is the official Turks and Caicos Tourism Website.